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Rules for Service Providers

Rules for Service Providers

Code of Conduct

  • Elevate members shall always act with integrity and honesty in performing their professional duties and responsibilities.
    Elevate members shall protect the interest of their colleagues and clients and shall neither participate in nor condone any activities that are either illegal or unethical.
  • Elevate members shall only enter into agreement or participate in activities that are not in conflict or appear to be in conflict with the legitimate interest of their client(s).
  • Elevate members shall respect the integrity of professional relationships and adhere to the ethical practices of client – concierge privilege except where required by law.**
  • Elevate members shall always observe the confidentiality of the information obtained while performing their duties and ensure privacy except where required by law.
  • Elevate members shall engage in behavior that will enhance the reputation of the association.
  • Elevate members shall be mindful and respectful of all who utilize our services, all who work in our profession and all in our community.
  • Elevate members shall embrace acceptance and inclusiveness of all in our profession and within our sphere of global influence.
  • As a condition of membership in Elevate Concierge Service, I pledge to adhere to the ethical behavior standards set forth in this document and insure my personal conduct will be such as to reflect positively on myself and Elevate.