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Why Become An Elevate Pro?

We’re Here For You

Sure you can sign up with every babysitting agency, cleaning agency, dog walking agency under the sun.

However you will also be losing clients who want the simplicity of a one stop shop for all of their needs!

You will also be losing countless dollars with having to pay for every service where you cannot even promote yourself as you wish. You are bound by what THEY want you to do.

The Process Of Becoming A Pro

You get to choose your PRO experience when you apply. You also have the opportunity to upgrade at any time to become a featured pro. 

Step 1

Apply for Membership to start the process of becoming a certified ELEVATE Pro.

Step 2

Complete the required documentation and go through either the bronze or silver certification.

Step 3

Once approved your listing will be available to our members and you can begin interacting in our social platform.

Step 4

Communicate with your future clients, be a fantastic business owner and cultivate new and repeat business every day!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Being A Pro

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