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How To Hire A Pro & What To Look For

Before looking for providers, always ensure you know what you are looking for! Write down certifications, rates and other pertinent information that are must-haves! After you have this you can easily narrow down the search.

  • Read reviews!
    Always scope out Elevate reviews of service pros to gain insight as to how the providers work with Elevate procedures
  • Do your due diligence!
    Always be sure to ask questions, for references and documentation of work!
    Service pros are always willing to assist with anything that will make you feel comfortable. If someone is not willing to give or answer certain questions and items it may be best to pass.
  • Aside from preliminary questions, you can always perform background checks, fingerprinting and request licensing documents if applicable.
  • We encourage this from both parties to ensure all are comfortable and safe!
  • Schedule meet and greets
    Both service pros and clients can look or act differently online than they are in person. For in home personal services such as pet care or babysitting we strongly urge meet and greets before the initial start date!
  • Go with your gut!
    You know your family and needs best! Never feel bad for going with what you feel is best regardless of reasoning.