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The average American subscribes to over 14 subscription services with the average price per month being $250/month. What if we could Eliminate at least 4 services… and then add more at NO cost?

The main benefit of working with smaller companies is a large amount of flexibility! Service Pros, Sponsors, AND Elevate work to serve you and your goals. This means constantly looking to add additional benefits!

After studying over 3000 families in 7 studies researchers at Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia determined the same thing.

Couples who spent more money on time-saving services such as

-Meal Prep
-Lawn care
-Laundry services

Feels happier in their relationship, since the purchase protects the couple from the negative impact of relationship stress and enables them to enjoy more quality time together.

A 2017 study says that people reported being in a better mood after spending just $40/month on a time-saving purchase rather than spending the same amount of money on themselves. However, this bottoms out at $100-200/month where the spending tends to reduce happiness.

25% names disagreements about housework as a reason for divorce

Read the full article for yourself!

Become A Pro!

  • Active and ready to have more clients
  • Offer a wide variety of services or stick with your niche
  • Professional online platform to market and promote yourself
  • Build your own schedule, pay, and brand